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Welcome to Senior Citizen Stories

This website is devoted to exploring the experiences of senior citizens around the world. Along with valuable resources, knowledge and information for the growing old population. 

"Transforming our experiences into stories that provide lessons and inspiration is an everlasting gift and a beautiful way to keep our memories eternal."

Through storytelling, our senior citizens can enlighten us all to the past, while teaching timeless lessons of courage, perseverance and love. Through their legacy of patriotism, service and responsibility, our seniors also unite families and communities alike, and serve as role models for our younger generations. "Growing old should be seen as a privilege and not a curse".

Listening to the stories that were told by my 102 year old grandmother and my 102 year old cousin inspired me to create this website. I want to give Senior Citizens an place to tell their stories, share their experiences and the memorable moments that touch their lives. The elderly are more than just a rich and important resource of knowledge and experiences, they are also a living connection to our past. Their wisdom and intimate knowledge of our history is priceless. As the saying goes “When an old person dies a whole library burns down.” This doesn’t have to happen. These libraries don’t have to burn down. We have to start being good listeners and start taking the time to record their experiences. There are an estimated 40 million people 65 and older living in the U.S. That’s a lot of stories to be told, and a lot of experiences to be shared. As more stories are added to the site they will be categorized and searchable by the persons name, type of story and location.

If you have a story that you would like to share, or you know someone with a great story, feel free to submit your story, photos, videos or ideas.

We have more then just heart warming stories and videos we also have a great selection of resources and information websites for you to enjoy and share.